Knowing your firm’s market value is crucial in coming up with intelligent decisions for future growth. DFS Associates’ Professional Services group adheres to a strategic valuation procedure to derive a company’s worth and determine prospective market options.

Complete Client Analysis

DFS Associates require our clients to fill-out a comprehensive questionnaire presenting information on company assets, organization, nature of business and marketing programs. The data provided is vital in providing the foundation for analysis and research.

Market Research

DFS Associates conduct a full market study to determine industry-related historical and expected growth rates, performance ratios and general industry patterns. Our market research likewise aids in identifying possible growth options and establish credence and evidence for the company's pro-forma financial statements.

Recasting and Pro Formas

Our strategy involves reconfiguring the firm's last five-year financials to imitate the operations of a wholly owned subsidiary of a bigger firm. These recasted historical financial statements will then be used as basis for developing five-year pro formas of income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements, reflecting the real financial operating capability of the firm.


Based on the previous process, we come up with the Platform, an evaluation paper based on comprehensive research and evaluation of a firm's operations, financials and sector. The Platform requires 120 days to accomplish and is customized to our clients’ particular objectives and distinctive situations.

IRS Capital Gain

Based on the Internal Revenue Code, Capital Gain is the profit derived from the sale or exchange of a capital asset. For instance, a stock sold for profit will have a capital gain which is the difference between the net sales price and the original cost or basis price. Capital Gains, however, may be offset by capital losses and capital-loss carryovers.

How do I become involved?

Firstly, we request for your non-performing holdings. As your mediator, we will try to find a matching client open to exchanging securities with you. Please fill out the attached response form and submit to our offices through email or fax.

Capital Gain Tax

Capital Gains are incomes arising from the sale of an asset. A capital gain requires payment of a capital gains tax. The amount capital gains tax will vary according to whether the asset was held for a long or a short period. The tax rate on short-term capital gains is greater than the tax rate on long-term capital gains. Hence, the timing of capital-asset swaps is a vital decision factor.