PictureDFS Associates helps business owners achieve their goals through the intricate process of selling their business, with us providing specialized knowhow, expertise, insight and technical support. Our senior transaction experts have decades of middle-market M&A track record and are directed engaged involved in each deal.

Our process begins with a meticulous assessment to pinpoint the value of a business as well as the prospective market choices available. The client can then opt to pursue a viable sale transaction.


Our company designs extensive marketing tools, such as an Information Memorandum that satisfies SEC guidelines, including a one-page summary called a Précis. Likewise, we develop a comprehensive list of potential buyers utilizing our numerous contacts and databases of strategic investors from all over the world.

The step involves seeking and evaluating client-approved potential buyers and strategizing with the client to choose the most viable deal structure and terms.


DFS Associates then execute the deal by helping the client appraise different tenders from buyers, keeping in mind the best interests of the client, from the inception of the transaction, through due diligence, to its completion.