DFS Associates is recognized as a trusted investment banking company worldwide, recognized as a leader in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, tax efficiency and divestitures, especially in the middle tiers of the private sector.

The firm’s financial experts possess a broad spectrum of experience and involvement in assisting numerous business owners in assessing, enhancing, improving and selling their businesses and minimizing Capital Gain tax payments. Clients will receive a one-of-a-kind mix of high-level Wall-Street capability and extensive middle-market know-how, derived through many years of direct engagement as entrepreneurs and as professional counselors to mid-sized businesses owners.

How Tax Minimization Can Help Save

How Tax Minimization Can Help SaveIn general, every country has a law requiring payment of capital gains tax must on any sales proceeds arising from the sale of property, securities, and other financial assets. In recent years, some of our top-dollar customers have earned considerable capital gains in the stock market, raising their tax classification bracket. Hence, we aim to find ways to match these clients’ portfolios with unproductive shares (ones that are at present selling at a net loss) to balance out their taxable income.

How can we serve your needs?

How can we serve your needs?

In recent years, the unpredictable conditions and bad choices made in the securities markets have led to financial losses suffered by many people, causing a net loss in their portfolio. Through selling your present holdings for high-value securities, you can essentially recover any previous losses while our clients can take advantage of a reduced taxable income. In the end, our clients can increase their earnings and reduce their tax by exchanging some of their holdings for your non-performing investments while saving on capital gains tax by not trading their shares in the open market.